The department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology (AD:MT) at Aalborg University (AAU) will coordinate the project. AD:MT has a long experience in service design and integrated design, developed in several years through research projects and teaching activities. Dr. Nicola Morelli and Dr Amalia De Götzen are coordinating the new master of Service Systems Design at AAU – Copenhagen and are participating in several projects on innovative products and services, including services for elderly people, meal services, transportation, orientation and information services, library services for the elderly and several other services aimed at improving the quality of life of specific social groups. The school has also a solid expertise in:

  • Service design methodologies: service design is a relative new disciplinary area, to which design has a large scope for contribution. AD:MT has been among the first institutions to work on the definition of a methodological framework for designing services in Europe.
  • User centred design and innovation: the department has contributed to the definition of methods and processes for an active involvement of users in the definition of innovative solutions. The department contributed to the consolidation and improvement of methodologies coming from the strong Danish tradition of user-driven and participatory design.
  • Integrated design: research and teaching activity has been developed in collaboration with the departments of production and mechanical engineering, working on design solutions that balanced advanced technological solutions with appropriate use-related and aesthetic features.
  • Mass customisation and personalization of products and services: This research area focuses on the opportunities offered by ICT to generate highly personalized solution. The approach of AD:MT aims at improving customisation by mobilizing local and individual knowledge into the development of products and services. This approach aims at exploring the potential of social technologies and the opportunities offered by emerging phenomena of mass collaboration.
  • Innovative visualization and communication techniques: the participatory approach requires that new visualization and communication techniques are introduced, which support collaboration, even between unskilled users. In this sense the department has explored video ethnography as an analytical tool and video sketching as a possible component of the design process.
  • Design for the Healthcare sector: AD:MT has a long record of research projects for the healthcare sector, focusing on living environments, on public policies and strategies to improve living conditions for elderly people and for patients in healthcare institutions
  • Studies on behaviour in public spaces: this research area uses tracking systems to analyse the use of public spaces in different periods of the day and the year. The researchers in this area work the definition of patterns of use for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Aalborg University Copenhagen will also participate with the Danish AppLab. The Danish App Lab is an organization within AAU – CPH which works to support app projects developed among students, researchers, start-ups, public and private companies, in an informal experimental setting. The AppLab is a playground for app knowledge and development, with a solid experience in the organization of workshops, conferences and hackathons.