Antropologerne is a consultancy company founded in 2003. Antropologerne is working on the cutting edge of user-driven and user-involving innovation. Co-creative and participatory design methods are part of every project, presentation and deliverable Antropologerne produces.
Antropologerne is specialized within the field of applied anthropology producing insights and change through utilizing the qualitative ethnographic methods such as deep interviews, group interviews and workshops. All of these in the combination with the methodology of design such as co-creation and participatory design makes Antropologerne the epitome of design anthropology. This combination of methods is a fundamental tool in gaining deep insights into the tacit and latent knowledge on all levels of society and especially fruitful when working to empower citizens and involving them in innovative processes.

Antropologerne’s projects consist of everything from educating others in anthropological and design methods to carrying out all kinds of ethnographic fieldwork to facilitating co-creative workshops etc.

Antropologerne aims to create insight and change, which is the continuous theme of all the work we do, and we always strive to create holistic insights and solutions by involving as many relevant stakeholders in our projects as possible.