i2CAT is a non-profit technology centre which promotes R+D+i activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and Future Internet. The centre invests in a new model of innovation based on collaboration among private companies, public administration, the academic world and end-users, through an open innovation environment that is characteristic of the Internet culture.
The strategic goals of i2CAT are:

  • To integrate research and innovation
  • To foster co-creation in a quadruple helix model (university, company, public administration and users)
  • To develop activities within an international and local framework
  • To provide networking and multimedia infrastructures and advanced experimental platforms

i2CAT has an extensive experience in multiple National and European research and innovation projects, leading the implementation of Future Internet technologies in the main economic sectors (Health, Audiovisual, Industry, Culture, Telecommunications) in order to improve productivity and competiveness in companies and the well-being in society. I2CAT has experience in the area of Living Labs and User centred methodologies and is a founder member of the European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL). I2CAT has executed more than 130 projects and published more than 120 papers. In 2006, i2cat was recognized by the Enoll as the first “open living lab” in Spain.
i2CAT will provide its multidisciplinary expertise in the development of user-centred initiatives. It will coordinate the work package regarding “WP4- Social impact and sustainability” aiming to consider the social implication of the OpenDataLab and the methodology.