TU Delft


Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), founded in 1842, is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive university of technology in The Netherlands. It offers a wide variety of education in Science, Engineering and Design. A total of 16,000 students are enrolled in one of its 14 bachelor programs (10,500 students) or in one of its 41 master programs (5500 students) including several Erasmus Mundus Masters. The Industrial Design Engineering Faculty (IDE) at TU Delft is one of the oldest and largest multi-disciplinary product and service design oriented research and education institution in the world. It is not only influential on, but also has a leading role in the development of the discipline. Over 5,000 engineers graduated from the Faculty since it was founded in 1969. The faculty is also regarded as a global leader in the field of design research, with currently more than 100 researchers. The conducted research is user-centred and design-driven. IDE has a strong tradition in human factors and user-centered design from the perspective of user-mapping, co-creation and user-experience with regard to emotion and motivation in design. The creative power needed to translate abstract (user/theoretical) models in (validated) design prototypes is one of the hallmarks of industrial design department.

Skills and Role in project:
TU Delft will lead WP2 on methods and tools for citizens’ engagement, and the dissemination activities for increasing awareness. TU Delft is actively participating in the other WPs as well.