Telecom Italia


Yesterday we brought fixed line telephone services into all the households, today we bring new generation fixed and mobile networks to everyone. For 2017 we set the goal of ensuring that over 75% of Italians have coverage via the new fixed ultra-broadband network and 95% have the new mobile ultra-broadband and, at the end of Decemberr 2014, the new generation fixed network has already reached 28% of the population and the new mobile network 80% . Also in Brasil, where our customers are more than 75.7 million, we are focused on developing new generation infrastructures.

Digital means exchange, network, communication. For us it means offering the possibility to be always connected and access services and multimedia contents with ease and safety, on smartphones, tablets or other devices. The digital content offerings includes a gaming library, e-books and magazines, music and audiovisual contents, constantly enriched starting with major sporting events.

Digital means also smart services for enterprises, citizen, public administration: advanced platforms for cloud computing for the virtualization of applications and infrastructures, a vast selection of applications for storing and managing data or controlling energy consumption. For specialized sectors, such as the healthcare, innovative solutions promoting the development of telemedicine and the cloud managament of health information; for schools, web-based solutions to develop digital teaching environments and innovative products such as the Oliboard interactive multimedia whiteboard. Finally, to promote the take-up of ICT in the service sector, there are products and software to enhance the use of digital signatures such as the Olipad Graphis tablet and the Posta Elettronica Certificata Service.

It is not only a matter of infrastructure but also of culture, because technology and culture mutually modify each other and we believe ICT technologies are relevant for the a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. For the last eleven years we have been included among the most important and selective stock market Sustainability indexes worldwide, as a result of the company’s social and environmental commitment. Meanwhile through the Telecom Italia Foundation we promote a vision of innovation and technology as social enablers, supporting projects in the fields of digital education and cultural innovation.