Experio Lab


The County Council of Värmland gives health and dental care for everyone in the county of Värmland. The Council is the count’s largest employer with over 7 000 employees. In Värmland there are about 30 health centers. There are hospitals in the towns of Karlstad, Arvika och Torsby. The dental care has 40 clinics around the county. The County Council owns Värmlandstrafik together with local municipalities. Värmlandstrafik takes care of public transportation in the county. We also own the organisation Region Värmland together with local municipalities. The organisation works for the development of our region in order to get more tourism, culture and adult education.

Experio Lab is an initiative by the County Council to embed design capacities into our service innovation program. The initiative has national support and works in close collaboration with the national Swedish Industrial design foundation and service design network, academia, and other county councils. Since start in 2013 Experio Lab has rapidly developed a national and international reputation as unique national hub for user-involvement, design and serviceinnovation in Sweden. Experio Lab is a research and innovation unit with the capabilities to cover both the user-related aspects as well as the research-related aspects of the O4C project.