In each of the five Open4Citizens pilot locations (Aalborg, Karlstad, Rotterdam, Milano and Barcelona) the project will also create physical or virtual locations (OpenDataLab) that will become the reference point for all citizens and interest groups that want to propose innovative applications based on open data.

The OpenDataLab model includes the definition of a methodology to support citizen collaboration, possibly through hackathons that will enable citizen to understand the potential of open data and work on concrete solutions. The Open4Citizens project will also develop a starter kit for Hackathons, and the information needed to replicate the OpenDataLab model in new locations.

OpenDataLabs will be a sort of FabLabs for open data, i.e. a playground to support collaboration between citizens – even those with low programming skills – technical people – such as students or startups, which can offer technical support and business power to new bottom-up service ideas.

They will incubate the solutions developed in the hackathons, to develop a new generation of public services based on open data.